Wanting to book counselling but have some questions? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) which I hope will provide some answers.

What is a 15 minute consultation for?

The 15 minute consultation is for you to briefly share your issues, ask any questions that you might have about counselling, understand the counselling approach, talk through any financial concerns, schedule your preferred days and times, and collaborate on the next steps.

Do I have to do a set number of sessions?

Clients find it beneficial to have regular sessions to begin with, followed by a review. We may space out the sessions as you progress towards your goals and bring our sessions to an end as you meet the goals that you had set out to achieve. The frequency and regularity of our counselling sessions is ultimately led by you and your presence in the sessions.

How much does counselling cost?

Whilst sliding scale fees are offered, the minimum usually charged is $95

You are encouraged to discuss your financial situation during the 15 minute consultation to find a solution that suits you whether that be a limited number of pro bono sessions, temporary low cost sessions, or utilizing some of the free supports such as Grief Peer Support Groups (these are not counselling but offer an opportunity to connect with others).

When is it a good time to start counselling?

It is my opinion that it is better to start sooner rather than later. It may be when something just doesn’t feel right, you are at a crossroads, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or you just feel like a chat with a professional. Or perhaps counselling is a form of routine self-care or mental health check-in for you. I invite you to reach out without hesitation.